The good news is that, in the large majority of bankruptcy cases, the cost of filing for bankruptcy is a fraction of the debt that will ultimately be discharged. As compared to debt settlement programs, or struggling under the weight of minimum monthly payments, bankruptcy is always a bargain. For many people considering bankruptcy, the upfront costs are a barrier, especially when there is an emergency, your wages are being garnished, or you are just starting a new job after a period of unemployment. The attorneys at Dennery PLLC offer payment plans for virtually all situations. Just ask. We believe in you, and we are willing to lend our skills and the money for you to start fresh.

Chapter 7 Pricing and Payment Plans

A Chapter 7 filing is great for wiping out credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans. In the overwhelming majority of cases, you can keep your car, home, and personal property.

Chapter 7 Flat Fee. Dennery offers discounted flat fee bankruptcy, if you: (1) don’t own a home; (2) don’t have any secured debt; AND (3) have less than 20 creditors. The filing fee ($338.00) can be paid in installments. Your total cost would be $1,065.00.

The Routine Chapter 7. Dennery Law can prepare and file a routine Chapter 7 case for a fee of $1,338.00, which includes the court fee ($338.00) and a credit report. We charge $100.00 more If you are married (whether you are filing jointly or separately). We start working on your case with a deposit of $350.00. the balance of the fees and court costs is due before we file your case.

Chapter 7 Payment Plans. Many of our clients choose the Chapter 7 payment plan because they cannot afford the upfront fees of a routine Chapter 7 case and need immediate relief from their creditors. If you can’t afford the upfront fees, and need to stop auto-pays, or a garnishment, we can: file your chapter 7 case for $350.00! (Some restrictions apply).

We complete your case under an affordable payment plan. Please note that depending on your income, the amount of the deposit and the length of the chapter 7 payment plan, your costs will be anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00 more expensive than a routine Chapter 7 case. Please also note that we cannot offer you a payment plan if we determine that you cannot afford the payments. [FUNNEL CLICK BLURB – Ch 7 Payment Plan] Click HERE to see if you are eligible for a chapter 7 bankruptcy Payment Plan.

Dennery Law helps individuals obtain debt relief under the bankruptcy code. Let’s talk about your payment options. We are available for telephone consultations at no charge to you. In-person or remote appointments are available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends in Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky. 

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