Onboarding with Dennery Law

A lot goes into determining how to best handle a bankruptcy case that involves a small business. Business and personal financials, employee and vendor relationships, federal and state law, and expected costs must be thoroughly considered before choosing how to achieve your goals and objectives.


The bankruptcy attorneys at Dennery Law start with a no-obligation assessment of your immediate needs and of your ultimate objectives and explain the different approaches that may be available to you or to your small business or family farm. Our goal is to give you a realistic picture of the strategies, the likely outcomes, and the costs of filing for bankruptcy as a small business bankruptcy, a family farmer, or as an individual. No commitment – no fees.


Once you choose to proceed, our small business bankruptcy attorneys work with you to develop a baseline for any plan of reorganization, restructuring, or liquidation. We provide our clients with a comprehensive proposal to clarify the terms of our agreement, the costs of the representation, and to identify and present options on how to deal with curveballs that are foreseeable.


Once you approve of the proposed approach, (or immediately upon being retained if facing an emergency), our small business bankruptcy attorneys will initiate negotiations and/or court filings appropriate to safeguard your assets and your rights to relief under bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy law.

The Small Business Bankruptcy Attorneys at Dennery Law are available for remote or telephone
consultations. In-person appointments are available on weekdays, evenings, and weekends in
Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky.

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Our Philosophy on business-related bankruptcy pricing

The small business bankruptcy attorneys at Dennery Law strive to keep the representation cost-neutral for our small business and business-related bankruptcy clients. Money-wise, that means that we work to reduce or eliminate debts by an amount that is greater than the court costs and attorney fees. In most cases, the savings are significant. The other benefits such as being protected from aggressive creditors, landlord or taxing agencies, the stay of collection actions, lawsuits, recovering crucial operating licenses, and recovering prepetition payments from your creditors are priceless.  Importantly, a small business or business-related individual bankruptcy allows our clients to re-evaluate and reorganize their business operations, which over time translates in into a real opportunity to turn around, recover, and succeed after periods of financial hardship.

Chapter 11 small business case pricing

Depending on the types of issues involved, a small business debtor can expect to incur significant legal fees and court expenses to get a confirmed plan in a Chapter 11 small business case. Under a confirmed plan, however, a small business typically reduces its debt by much more than the attorney fees and court costs expended during the course of a Chapter 11 case. As compared to the reduction in debt and the opportunity to reorganize, the cost of filing a small business bankruptcy is a no-brainer.

Affordable Retainers

We make the filing of a business-related or small business case affordable. Depending on whether there is an emergency, the state of business, and its prospects at reorganization, we can prepare and file your case for as little as the court fees. All or a portion of the attorney fees are paid through the plan, or from the estate.

Flexible Fee Arrangements

Some services such as credit work outs and distressed mergers and acquisitions are charged at hourly rates. In many cases, we offer not-to-exceed fees or a hybrid of flat fees and hourly rates to keep your out-of-pocket costs under control. We also cap out-of-pocket fees on certain services to help you manage your cash flow during the reorganization.

With affordable retainers, flat fees, and not-to-exceed fees, we give you certainty about the costs of the representation, so that you can determine whether filing for Chapter 11 will work for you. Let’s talk about your situation and find a solution that is cost-beneficial for you. Evening and weekend appointments are available in Louisville, Lexington, or Florence, KY. Call for your no-cost preliminary assessment. 859-445-5495

Court Costs

The court costs for filing a small business or business-related personal bankruptcies are generally affordable for most of our clients. In those cases where even the filing fee is too much to handle, the court will grant an application to pay the fee over 120 days. The court cost for filing under the different chapters are as follows:

Chapter 7: $338.00

Chapter 11: $1,738.00

Chapter 12: $278.00

Chapter 13: $313.00

In some cases, small business debtors are also required to pay quarterly fees to the Office of the United States Trustee. The amount of quarterly fees is based on the business expenses, and these can get expensive. Fortunately, the Small Business Reorganization Act added subchapter V to Chapter 11, which eliminates the US Trustee quarterly fees. Starting in February 2020, Small businesses with less than $7.5M in debt can take advantage of Chapter 11 protection with much less effort and expense than required under the traditional Chapter 11.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all price for the legal fees associated with filing for a small business or a business-related individual bankruptcy. Dennery Law begins by assessing your situation and gaining an understanding of the scope of the legal and other services that will be required to achieve your objectives. From there, we propose a realistic and flexible fee arrangement along with the results of our assessment. Above all, we strive for transparency about the expenses, fees, and flexible payment options for all bankruptcy filing. Assessments and proposals are part of our preliminary consultation – No fees and no commitments are expected or required. Once you retain us as your small business attorney, we start the work in earnest, developing a detailed plan and approach. Learn More about our pricing structures.

Small Business Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help

The small business bankruptcy attorneys at Dennery Law have the experience to advise you on your available options so that small business owners can make an informed decision about how to approach personal finances and business-related debts. We thoroughly assess your financial position, your debts, and your major operational concerns. We develop your goals and objectives and advise you as to all of the options available to you. We give you the information that you need to make the right business and personal decisions. You remain in control, and we deliver results.

Dennery Law leverages its experience with business-related bankruptcies to help small business owners, sole proprietors, and the self-employed emerge out of overwhelming debt. Consulting with our small business bankruptcy attorney will help you regain your confidence and recover from periods of financial hardship. Our bankruptcy attorneys are available for telephone or remote consultations at no charge to you. In-person appointments are also available in Lexington, or Florence, KY on weekdays, evenings, and weekends. Call us in Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky today to learn more about your options.