The good news is that, in the large majority of cases, the cost of filing for bankruptcy is a fraction of the debt that will ultimately be discharged. As compared to debt settlement programs, or struggling under the weight of minimum monthly payments, bankruptcy is always a bargain and can be set up in reasonable payment plans.

For many people considering bankruptcy, the upfront costs can be difficult to handle, especially when there is an emergency, or you are just starting a new job after a period of unemployment. The attorneys at Dennery PLLC offer payment plans for virtually all situations. Just ask. We believe in you, and we are willing to lend our skill and the money for you to start fresh.

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The Chapter 13 Plan

Chapter 13 is the best option to catch up on late mortgage and car payments as well as outstanding income taxes. You can reduce or eliminate unsecured debt over three to five years. The baseline fee for a low-income household is $3,013 (including the court fee [$313] and a credit report). Above median income debtors can expect to pay $4,013 (including the court fee [$313]), in attorney fees because their plans are usually more complicated and are required to last five years. 

We can file your Chapter 13 case for as little as $0.00 down. The balance of the attorney fees is paid through the Chapter 13 plan, and we represent you for the duration of the case. Because the majority of our fees are paid through the plan we only succeed if you succeed. Under Chapter 13, you are required to devote your monthly disposable income to pay back your debts. At the completion of your plan, any balance remaining on your unsecured debt is discharged. In some cases, you pay nothing at all to your unsecured creditors. Higher-income earners sometimes pay 100 percent of their unsecured debt but save considerably on interest and penalties.

Our goal is to propose a plan that allows you to enjoy a decent standard of living.

The Routine Chapter 7

A Chapter 7 filing is great for wiping out credit card balances, medical bills, and personal loans. In the overwhelming majority of cases, you can keep your car, home, and personal property.

We prepare and file routine Chapter 7 cases for a flat fee of $1,338.00, which includes the court fee ($338) and a credit report. We charge $100 more If you are married (whether you are filing jointly or separately). We start working on your case upon a deposit of a $300 retainer that we usually accept on our first in-person meeting.

Your case is filed with the court when you are ready to pay the balance and ready to start fresh. Included in the price is at least two in-person (or video conference); representation at the required meeting of creditors, which occurs about 30 days after your case is filed; and a review of any reaffirmation agreements with your car or mortgage lender. You can expect additional charges for non-routine services, such as recovering wage garnishments, stripping judgment liens from the title to your home, or responding to creditor motions.

You can rest assured that we never nickel and dime our clients, and we let you know exactly what you can expect during our first meeting.

Chapter 7 Payment Plans

If you can’t afford the upfront fees for a routine Chapter 7 filing, we can file your petition for as little as $300.00.

Once your case is filed, all creditors are required to stop collection actions, including calls, repossessions, lawsuits, and garnishments. We meet with you once before filing your case. Our second meeting is scheduled shortly afterward. At that time, we enter into a payment plan that can range anywhere from 3 to 12 months in duration depending on your needs.

You should know that the cost of filing under a Chapter 7 payment plan is $150 to $500 more expensive than a routine Chapter 7 case. Many of our clients choose the Chapter 7 payment plan because they cannot afford the upfront fees of a routine Chapter 7 case and need immediate relief from their creditors. When it’s your time to start fresh, we make it affordable to begin the process. (Please note that your case is unique, and that not every case is suited for a chapter 7 payment plan – some restrictions apply).

$0.00 Down Filing

Whether a Chapter 7 or 13, we can file so that you get immediate relief for $0.00.

In some cases, the stress of constant collection calls, lawsuits, sheriffs serving you papers at your home, and an imminent repossession or foreclosure makes it seem like there is no way out of crushing debt. If you are just emerging from a period of unemployment, or just experienced a financial emergency, coming up with even $100 can seem insurmountable.

Many people continue to suffer through anxiety, isolation, and depression that financial distress can cause because the cost of filing for bankruptcy is simply out of reach. Our clients benefit from knowing that they can access bankruptcy protection regardless of how little money they have and that we provide the same level of service regardless of your current situation.

We file your case with no upfront costs so that you can start fresh immediately. Your case is completed under payment plans that start after we file your case. 

Please note that your case is unique, and that not every case is suited for a $0 down filing – some restrictions apply.